I have been working in the field of web technologies for 10 years.

  • Developing architecture of web projects,

    I prefer spending more time on design than coding. I divide the application into components and describe protocols of interaction between them. I write the documentation on API and complex parts of the project. I define "narrow" places and plan ways of sharding and replication.

  • choosing the tools and technologies,

    I search for the best frameworks, databases and programming languages ​​for each task. I choose platforms and monitoring systems.

  • managing teams of developers,

    I define the scope of work, communicate objectives and set goals. I monitor the performance and review the code. I prefer small, flexible teams of 5-10 people.

  • coding in PHP and Javascript (Node.js),

    I use programming to solve problems, not for the sake of process. I try using easy ready-made solutions instead of reinventing the wheel. The ideal application is the one that can be assembled from ready-made components.

  • consulting in the web field

    I find out the client’s goals and understand his or her problems. I comprehensively explain complex things and share expertise.

  • and creating my own projects.

    I have made two dozen startups. The most interesting of them are:

    • Hereisdomain (Russian article September 2014), closed

      Checks the domain for availability in real time, shows the prices of hundreds of registrars, offers alternatives.

    • Prostopleer (January 2010), sold

      Online player with unique functions for its time. 2.6M users per month.

    • Chatvdvoem (September 2009), sold

      Popular anonymous chat. 0.5M users per month.

    • Renoter (April 2009), sold and closed

      First Russian Twitter clone.

    • MyNotifier (March 2008), sold

      Collects job vacancies from freelance sites. Displays notifications on the desktop in real time.

Experience (detailed on LinkedIn)

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